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Maxey After School Classes

Spring 2020



Dear Maxey Parents & Students,


Welcome to the Spring 2020 Maxey after school program. This program offers a wide range of classes to further enrich our students. Individual class descriptions are in this packet for your review.


* Classes start the week of February 24th and run for six weeks (excluding Spring break week, March 9th – 13th).


* Classes must have a minimum of six students to fund the class. Any class with less than six students will be evaluated by the teacher to see if it can still be funded. If the class is cancelled you will be notified to either switch to another class or be issued a refund.


* Tuition is $35.00/class. Some classes may require a material/supply fee so the instructors can purchase materials/supplies relevant to the lass.


* On their scheduled class day, your child will go directly to the gym when school is dismissed for the day. There they will line up by their after school class. From there your child will be accompanied to their assigned classroom by the instructor.


* Classes dismiss at 4:30 pm. Family Service students will report to the cafeteria. Other students will be dismissed through the front doors. Please be prompt in picking up your child; we want to make sure that all students are safe.


* Go to to register for classes. You may use a computer in school if you need access to the internet.


* REGISTRATION ENDS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH. Classes will be filled in order of receipt of registration, so please register early!


We are looking for a Volunteer During the 3:30 – 4:30 Class times!!!! It’s simply making sure that students get to the gym, take the attendance from the teachers and then make sure kids get picked up afterwards. YOUR KIDS CAN TAKE THEIR CLASS FOR FREE while spend an hour relaxing, reading, doing work……Contact me for more details.

Please email any questions to or



Katharine Eriksen and Kellee Van Bruggen

After School Class Coordinators

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